Bringing Remote Working Professionals Together In-Person

Human beings are social species, wired to connect. In this new way of working, we need real human connection now more than ever.

Impromptu brings remote workers together in-person creating opportunities for meaningful human connection, resulting in happier and healthier lives where people thrive.


To Reignite Company Culture in Hybrid Workforces

So much of company culture was created via in-person social gatherings – coffee, lunch, happy hours etc. The office space became the central place for teams to come together, connect, build relationships, and nurture networks. The shift to hybrid and remote work means building culture and meaningful connections is now much more difficult.

Join Impromptu today to recreate these in-person moments within local suburbs, regions, cities and reignite culture within your organisation. Create culture from anywhere.


Meaningfully Connecting PeopleIs One Of The Greatest Challenges Of Our Time.

Community, Connection & Belonging

When people are connected, they feel they belong. For many people, a sense of community and belonging came from the office space.

Impromptu provides opportunities for remote workers to get together and connect with like-minded people through shared interests within their local suburbs, regions, and cities.

Impromptu helps foster authentic human connections and relationships so remote workers feel a sense of belonging, community, and social identity.

Disconnection, Isolation & Loneliness

Loneliness and isolation are the largest reported concern amongst remote workers.

Loneliness occurs when there’s a lack of genuine human connection to other people. Lack of face time creates lack of opportunity.

Impromptu creates opportunities for in-person social connection so remote workers will never feel lonely or isolated again.

Holistic Well-Being & Work Life Balance

Social connectedness is a key driver of wellbeing and resilience.

Creating meaningful connections with others can promote wellness, boost our mood, and improve our overall emotional and physical wellbeing.

Impromptu helps by supporting holistic well-being around the total person by fostering social, emotional, community and physical well-being.

The Social App That Fosters Meaningful In-Person Connection In An Increasingly Digital World

Impromptu App is a social connectivity platform for remote working professionals. Create or join in-person activities, gatherings, and events with similar minded people happening in your local community.