Building Company Culture In Hybrid & Remote Workplaces

Empowering team members to create local meetups and activities in Slack, nurturing company culture, and facilitating meaningful human connection.

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To Maintain a Strong Company Culture & Human Connection In Distributed Workplaces

Transitioning from a conventional office environment, where daily in-person social interactions with colleagues were the norm, poses a challenge for hybrid and remote workplaces. The simple acts of sharing coffee breaks, lunches, or after-work drinks may seem small, but they play a huge role in shaping the employee experience and company culture.

With Impromptu, you can bring back those in-person moments, by empowering all team members to create local meetups and activities in Slack from virtually any location.

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Create Team Building ActivitiesVirtual & In-Person

Employee Engagement & Belonging

When people are connected, they feel they belong. For many of us, a sense of community and belonging came from the workplace.

Impromptu provides opportunities for remote and hybrid team members to get together and connect with like-minded people through shared interests within their local offices, suburbs, regions, and cities.

Impromptu helps improve employee engagement by fostering team bonding and relationships, so remote and hybrid team members always feel a sense of belonging, community, and social identity.

Workplace Isolation & Loneliness

Loneliness and isolation at work are the largest reported concern amongst remote team members.

Loneliness occurs when there’s a lack of genuine human connection to other people. Lack of face time creates lack of opportunity.

Impromptu creates opportunities for in-person human connection in the workplace so remote and hybrid team members will never feel lonely or isolated again.

Holistic Well-Being & Work Life Balance

Social connectedness is a key driver of wellbeing and resilience.

Creating meaningful human connection at work can promote wellness, boost our mood, and improve our overall emotional and physical wellbeing.

Impromptu helps by supporting holistic well-being around the total person by fostering social, emotional, community and physical well-being.

How Impromptu Works!

Create Virtual & In-Person Meetups & Activities In Slack

Create, share, and join Meetups and activities in Slack and invite people to join.

Receive Personalised Slack Notifications & Reminders

Receive personalised social and event notifications tailored to your interests & location in Slack.

Meet People In Real Life & Have Fun!

Connect in Slack and meet with people in real life in local offices, suburbs, regions, and cities.