Helping Slack Community Managers With Engagement

Everyone loves Slack, but building community engagement is tough; it takes a lot of time, effort and experimentation.


Start empowering community members to create fun activities, local meetups and events in Slack, freeing up Community Managers time and resources and increasing community participation and engagement.



Increase Visibility of Activities and Events

Social activities and events can quickly get lost within Slack channels. The bigger the community, the more events that are created.


Impromptu helps simplify the creation and sharing of activities by creating two dedicated Impromptu channels to support all activities. Impromptu also standardizes the message format to have more visually appealing events & socials.



Subscribe to Notifications Tailored to Your Interests

It’s no secret that people usually turn off notifications in Slack – no one has the time to get inundated with notifications.


Impromptu helps by only notifying team members of social activities and events that are tailored to their interests and happening in their location increasing participation and engagement.



Empower Community Champions to Create Socials & Events

As Slack communities grow, there will be a strong need to lean on internal community members to help scale efforts and grow the community.


With Impromptu,  assign special permissions to active community members to enable them to create, share and champion events for the wider Slack community.





Combat Member Isolation & Loneliness

The impact of social isolation can be hugely damaging. The less social interaction people experience, the unhappier people become. Without a sense of community connectedness people begin to feel isolated and lonely.


Impromptu brings community members together in-person within local suburbs, regions and cities which can greatly reduce member isolation and loneliness.



Help Members Build Strong Relationships & Friendships

Slack communities are a great place where people can find like-minded individuals to interact with and share experiences.


Impromptu helps community members build a sense of belonging by empowering them to create, share and join fun activities and events so they can build relationships and meaningful connections with other members.

  • Create A Sense Of Community & Belonging
  • Work Remotely & Socialise Locally.
  • Build A Thriving Community In Slack. 

How Impromptu Works!

Create Virtual & In-Person Meetups & Events In Slack

Create, share, and join social get togethers and events in Slack and invite people to join.

Receive Personalised Slack Notifications & Reminders

Receive personalised social get together notifications tailored to your interests & location in Slack.

Meet People In Real Life & Have Fun!

Connect in Slack and meet with people in real life in local suburbs, regions, and cities.